Strips for plaster and rotary dies machine.




cutting modules



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RCA Bignami is the only company in the sector that produces 2 products that are connected to each other that leads a reliable cutting outcomes strips; rotary and cutting stations. Skilled in transdermal patch machinery . This allows technicians to study proper solutions that meet the production customers’ needs. Having say so, customers have a considerable advantages: a direct contact with a representative that allows you to obtain better economic conditions, wasting time during installation phase, and provide a prompt customer service and support. The cutters are based on cutter using a cylindrical on a rotative press. A long sheet of material will be fed through the press, and will rotate, out shapes, making perforations or creases, or even the sheet into smaller parts. A series of gears will force to the rotate at the same speed as the rest of the press, ensuring that any cuts the dies makes line up with the printing on the material. Engraved have a much higher tolerance and are machined out of a solid steel bar. Surely we produce a great rotary dies for strips machine

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