Biodegradable strips machine manufacture.




hydro gel adhesive production



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Biodegradable: Biodegradation is the decay or breakdown of materials that occurs when microorganisms use an organic substance as a source of carbon and energy. Strips: a long, narrow piece of cloth, paper, plastic, or some other material: a piece of linen. a long, narrow area of land. A main road in or leading out of a town, lined with shops, restaurants, and other facilities. Steel or other metal in the form of narrow flat bars. Machine: it means, a small force, or effort, can be applied to move a much greater resistance, or load. In doing so, however, the applied force must move through a much greater distance than it would if it could move the load directly. The mechanical advantage of this tool is the factor by which it multiplies any applied force. May be calculated from the ratio of the forces involved or from the ratio of the distances through which they move. Ideally, the two ratios are equal, and it is simpler to calculate the ratio of the distance the effort moves to the distance the resistance moves; this is called the ideal mechanical advantage. Some of the effort is used to overcome friction. Thus, the ratio of the resistance force to the effort, called the actual mechanical advantage.