Diapers machine. Converting and nonwoven for hygiene products manufacture.

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We are an industrial firm and a manufacture producing mechanical product and components for medical supplies of a wide range of fields.  To find the professional and advanced tools for your business follow what it is in this  site:


  • Diapers machine : featuring a production speed range from 250 to 500 pieces per minute for the low costs, competitive price and premium quality products market demand. Strips manufacture : the shrink dryer for open width and tubular knitted fabrics, together with dewatering, overstretching and compacting tools provide a full range of equipment.  Converting machine : our sales specialists with experience, they’ll help you find the machinery best machinery for your needs including flexographic & gravure printing, coating & laminating etc. Nonwoven : numerous innovations and inventions of Strahm have continuously contributed to progress in the this field and textile industry. Hygiene products manufacture :  in partnership with our customers we strive to continuously improve the efficiency of our equipments and develop new technologies.



Strips manufacture

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