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nonwoven production



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Nonwoven : made by a process not involving weaving. Used of textiles. Material or a fabric made by a process not involving weaving. Sanitary napkins : a disposable pad of absorbent material worn to absorb menstrual flow such as a feminine hygiene modules. Our machinery warranty a different production of sanitary napkins, baby and feminine and man hygiene modules. A sanitary napkins are realized using a rotary dies and thermoforming machine. Our firm as a most important rule in the firm who produce a sanitary napkins and strips. Before making a delivery, the machine is tested in all its elaboration faces,involving the customer during this event. This allows a more rapid and safe production start-up in house, very well organized training programs provides a crucial knowledge. we are an important technical support at your disposal for find the best solutions at the strips productions problems.

Nonwoven machine production

Make (cloth) by interlacing the threads of the weft and the warp on a loom.

Strips machine manufacture for interlace to construct by interlacing or interweaving  strands of material.

Interweave or combine (elements) into a complex whole: wove the incidents into a story.

To contrive (something complex or elaborate) in this way: weave a tale, past tense weaved To make (a path or way) by winding in and out or from side to side: weaved our way through the heavy traffic.