Packing machine. Plaster and strips.




for plaster dressing



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Packing machine: this machine is used for process something: the handling, and shipping of products. Material used to protect fragile goods esp. in transit: polystyrene packing. Material used to seal a joint or assist in lubricating an axle. Plaster dressing: are used in wound management. A bandage is a piece of cloth or other material used to bind or wrap a diseased or injured part of the body. Usually shaped as a strip or pad, bandages are either placed directly against the wound or used to bind a cover to the wound. Can consist of a wide range of materials, sometimes containing medication, placed directly against the wound. The purposes served by dressings include protecting wounds. In recent years, there have been tremendous advances in the design and composition of bandages and dressings. The field is becoming increasingly complex, and there are numerous reports of health care workers applying inappropriate products. Wound-care materials come in a wide variety of product classes. Alginate plaster: are derived from brown seaweed and contain calcium alginate, which turns into a sodium alginate gel when it comes in contact with wound fluid. They are available as pads or ropes. Biosynthetic dressing: are composites of biological (often animal-derived) and synthetic materials such as polymers.