We produce adhesives bandages, strips and plaster machine.




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Adhesive bandages with several applications and formats. Adhesives and bandages converting machine for pharmacies and hospitals. Adhesives production machines in Italy - Varese. Strip manufacture using hydrocolloid for transdermal pads. Strip production with high speed machine. Strips manufactures. First Aid adhesive plasters machine with a high performance and speed. hot sealing dressing machine with a double hot stations. Hydro gel adhesive production lines in Varese. Hydrocolloid plaster dressing lines manufactured by RCA bignami in Varese. Plasters manufacturing machinery using hot sealing station to increase speed in surgical dressing. plasters production lines together with packaging and flow pack options. Packing machine perfectly connected to the dressing machine and thermoforming to produce PVC boxes and container for dressing. strip cold sealing dressing for pharmacies and hospitals.

Before making a delivery, the products are tested in all its elaboration faces, involving the customer during this event. This allows a more rapid and safe production start-up in house. very well organized training programs with the customer provides a crucial knowledge to be acquainted. Sometimes, a simple phone call is often sufficient to solve any trouble or inconvenience during production, but now a days thanks to the technology and electronics, we are able to apply a remote assistance reaching a solution a lot faster.