Rotary cutting machine with embossing and rewinder tungsten carbide dies. Complete factory.




complete machine manufacture



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Slitter and rewinder for adhesive dressing with good tension and precision cut. complete cutting modules together with rotary dies and anvils. Complete plasters factory where several machine will cover the needed lines. Dies sharpening services in RCA bignami in Varese. Embossing cylinders with varies forms and designs. Embossing dies, with varies formats and materials. Rotary cutting dies using several material like hard metal and hart steal and cutting frames that provide higher performance and speed. Rotary cylinders that are manufactured using tungsten carbide. Slitting rewinder machine that assure you a high production and solid precision. Specialty rotary dies for a particular production with tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide dies for the production of hygiene products and others.

It will never occur to see an identical product to our company! Each project is tailored to an specific customer: in order words, we do a customization starting from the type of rotary die, dimensions, software development until the final applications. Technological innovations is an essential part of our existence, reason why we are studying how to optimize the maximum benefits for the customer in a daily basis. Furthermore, we follow our company motto "we work with the customer, not only because is a customer, but as a partner for live