Thermoforming and adhesive bandage.Tungsten carbide dies.




Tungsten carbide dies



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A thermoforming machine use a particular carbide dies cutting machine using a cylindrical dies on a rotary press, device used for cutting out, forming, or stamping material. Mix of several dies component pieces that are fitted into a diestock to cut nonwoven materials A part on a machine that punches shaped holes in, cuts, allow to produce a medical bandages. We get a rule in a production of adhesive bandages using a tungsten carbide dies, anvils, sealing cylinders,embossing and crimping rolls. Saying that the staff is highly specialized, is taken for granted, because of their high technological value on their machines. Furthermore, what is important to emphasize is that most of the employees are working for the company for many years, and know very well the industry and are have a solid knowledge on machines manufacturer. For this reason, the staff become a quite reliable asset as well as qualified. We are produce the best sanitary napkins machineand thermoforming bandages. You could ask us for particulary realization of customed machinery. We offer the best quality and the most skilled european thecnicians are at your disposal. Every day at your services.